Mr. Grayson was the sweetest newborn! He did so well during this quick 45min in home session.

I like to capture true moments throughout the session, I usually ask the parents to cuddle with the baby, play with him, kiss him and try to be as casual as they can so I can capture real day to day moments in a calm home environment. These type of in home newborn sessions are the right fit for those that like lifestyle photos and is against the posed ones. They are much quicker and I feel like they are also much safer as there is little to no touching involved by others, babies are also much more calmer and sessions tend to be much shorter.


Thanks for stopping by ! I’m Agnes, the face behind this business. I’m a mother of two little ones and a wife to a very adventurous man. I run my photography business full time. . I’m passionate about giving all my awesome clients a fun experience through prompts that I use, it brings the best in you! That’s my goal, to capture true and genuine emotions. So – if you made it this far, we should totally go on an adventure together!