What a cool group of girls! Lilly is the owner of Lilly’s Bridal Hair and Makeup in Palatine, IL and she has an amazing team along her side to service many brides. I have worked with Lilly in several weddings and I can tell you she loooves her job! Or is it really a job?! when you know you truly are doing what you love doing the most!

I can relate to this as well, everyday I take an image it feels as I am just doing what I love doing! I wouldn’t change it any other way! Cheers to life! and making the best of it!!!!



Thanks for stopping by ! I’m Agnes, the face behind this business. I’m a mother of two little ones and a wife to a very adventurous man. I run my photography business full time. . I’m passionate about giving all my awesome clients a fun experience through prompts that I use, it brings the best in you! That’s my goal, to capture true and genuine emotions. So – if you made it this far, we should totally go on an adventure together!