Kelsey works at a flower bulb company and she is a sucker for flowers and anything nature. I was super pumped to be photographing her ceremony right at the heart of the mini “botanic garden” right where she works at, it was amazing! She has such a kind heart and we clicked so well because I am myself a nature fanatic as well, but not only that we just felt like we knew each other already. Her day couldn’t’’t be more special, she had her reception right in her backyard and we got to do some country style portraits in her cow boots, eeeeeh still obsessed with that day!


Thanks for stopping by ! I’m Agnes, the face behind this business. I’m a mother of two little ones and a wife to a very adventurous man. I run my photography business full time. . I’m passionate about giving all my awesome clients a fun experience through prompts that I use, it brings the best in you! That’s my goal, to capture true and genuine emotions. So – if you made it this far, we should totally go on an adventure together!